Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Watchya Cooking?

Was he getting ready for some Holiday Cheer (Strib):
The case of the self-described engineer and his fermenting corn is headed to the county attorney.

"In my 18 years, I don't think I've ever even seen a still, except on the 'Beverly Hillbillies,' " said Maplewood Police Lt. Dave Kvam, who raided the apartment Friday.

Police have more questions than answers because they haven't yet talked to the apartment dweller about the still and fermenting corn. He didn't appear to be home Monday.

Kvam said he will forward the case to the Ramsey County attorney's office later this week for possible prosecution. In Minnesota, an unauthorized still is prima facie evidence of illegal alcohol production.

Kvam said it's possible, though unlikely, that the man has a federal license to produce ethanol, which is essentially the same as moonshine. It also seems unlikely that such a license would be granted for operation in an apartment, he said.
Come on, if you can brew some beer, why not a little shine for a bump now and then. *laughing*


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