Friday, December 08, 2006

McCain Picking a Dirty Fight?

McCain makes some moves:
According to a source close to the McCain operation, the candidate has lined up Terry Nelson to serve as campaign manager (if a formal bid is announced), and Republican National Committee Communications Director Brian Jones has committed to lead the press effort for a national bid.
Who is this Nelson guy:
Nelson, along with Karl Rove protegé Scott Howell, produced a controversial ad in Tennessee's 2006 U.S. Senate race between Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. and Republican Bob Corker in which a white woman seductively invites an "off-camera" Ford to call her.
Oh, and there's more:
He was supervisor over James Tobin, the convicted New Hampshire GOP operative who schemed to jam Democratic phone lines in the 2002 election season.
McCain could loose me if this is how he starts his campaign. Going negative out of the box is a sign, to me, that even the candidate feels they couldn't win on their own merits. I struggle to find a scenario where I could support a Hillary Candidacy, if nominated, but the Republican's are obviously set on creating just the right set of circumstances.

The electorate is moderating, and many of us are a bit fed up with the dirty pool in politics. Isn't it a bit early to disenfranchise us?


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