Monday, December 04, 2006

More on Iraq

Commenter Steve who was in country had some more analysis on the Doctor's Iraq post.
Actually serving over here in Iraq I can tell you that much of what was written by the doctor is true. We could go on for hours about how we win wars only to lose the peace, and why that happens time and again. We keep electing incumbents and the even the same "types" of people over and over yet we expect different outcomes. Having been "in country" for almost a year now, and working alongside Iraqis, I can tell you that we can not even begin to understand the people of the Middle East. Our experience of Democracy is not what they can or will ever understand. We have to shift our thoughts and see things through their prism.
and some agreement with disbanding the Army int he early days.
We committed a grave error by invading in the first place, by disbanding the Iraqi security forces (Army and Police), and by tossing out all the government officials who knew how to make things work. And of course we didn’t have any clue about how to win the peace. This was supposed to be a “revolution” that sprang up from our ground assault. Revolutions only work when they come from the grass roots, not from an outside source. Outside armies like the French came in after we had already won our Revolutionary War. After the way we acted in Gulf War I (with Prez Bush I) who could blame the Iraqis for not trusting us to help them toss out Saddam? Thousands died believing America’s assurance of support in 1991. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
You may have read the post, but be sure to read the comment thread as well.


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