Friday, December 29, 2006

Cue Jeopardy Theme:

Hussein execution imminent, lawyer says
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Saddam Hussein could be hanged as early as Saturday, one of the former Iraqi dictator's lawyers told CNN on Friday.

"Different sources" said the death sentence would be carried out Saturday morning, defense attorney Najib al-Nuaimi said from Doha, Qatar.

"I think the Americans will accompany him onto the execution stage and I think they will have a pre-recorded film that will be released [Saturday] evening if they carry out the sentence in the day," he said.
Although Mitch, who originally locked in January 2007, moved his pick a bit earlier, to tomorrow as well.
Mark your dead pools for Saturday, 3PM Central time (midnight Baghdad). Here’s why; Ronald Reagan and the Pope both passed away moments after the NARN show let off the air. Now, you’d be right in saying that there’s no comparing Hussein with either of those two great men, or comparing the natural deaths of two men after long, rich lives to the execution of a genocidal Napoleon. That might well throw my prediction off. But I gotta start somewhere.

My first prediction was a very slightly educated guess. Here, I have tradition on my side.
Whenever it will be, it will be soon, and allow the Iraqi's to move on.


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