Friday, September 30, 2005

Roberts Confirmed

Roberts is in:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- John G. Roberts Jr. was sworn in Thursday as the 17th chief justice of the United States after winning Senate approval with a solid majority (78 - 22).

Roberts, 50, was given the oath of office by the senior associate justice, John Paul Stevens, at a ceremony in the White House's East Room.
I said my piece on Roberts not that long ago:
I'm not a big Roberts fan, but respect the right of the President to chose a nominee that best fits his ideology
But Mr Sponge at Clever Peasantry did a better job of echoing my position:

Ladies and gentlemen, Judge Roberts is undoubtedly a competent jurist. As liberal Democrats, we would like him to agree with us 110% of the time. However, until folks like us start winning presidential elections, we don't possess the luxury of getting all up in his face. In the meantime, all we can and should do is be on the look-out for incompetent nominees. Judge Roberts is not incompetent by any stretch of the imagination.
The Right has won the right to select jurists that mirror their ideology. If you don't like it, then bust your ass electing officials that will change the course. But left of Wellstone whiners spending their time crying about stolen elections and our of touch nominees are just spinning their wheels and being counter productive. Quit yer beefin' and get to work. You have an opportunity in a year to retake the Senate, and then you can have a say on who the President picks. Until then, shut yer yaps and get to work!

But that's just me!


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