Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Kiltie Tribute

JC has posted his review of the weekend.

The Legend that is Lothar - DCA 2005

It was nice to read that Lothar had me in his thoughts during that weekend.
By 11:45, the brave bus riding contingent was back on the bus heading to our rehearsal field. We arrived to find a field full of Govies. Since we like those guys, we let them have the field until 1:30 while we stretched and warmed up. Lothar, who had a joke for every occasion, said he wanted to rumble for the field.

"Just leave me Flash." he said. "He stole my gum on the Blue Star bus back in 1980",

and then he let out one of his famous high decibel belly laughs.
Services are Saturday morning in Racine. I'll be there, to say goodbye.


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