Friday, September 23, 2005

FootBlogging Week#2 (NFL Week#3) - MY PICKS

The King has posted this week's tilts.

Be sure to click through and read his take on these gridiron match-ups.

My take:

1. New England @ Pittsburgh (-3).

Here we have a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game which the Pats dominated. But this years Pat club is starting too look like the shadow of it’s former self. If Cowher was able to beat New England last year during the regular season, this years contest may even be a blowout. Well. maybe not a blowout, but anyone would be hard pressed to bet against the Steelers at home, even when playing the Patriots. Pittsburgh easily covers and takes the rematch!

2. NY Giants @ San Diego (-5.5).

I had to double check this one and am still confused why SD would be favored, let alone by almost a touchdown. This one seems like taking candy from a baby, but my sure things haven’t been panning out all that well lately (See Oakland game last week). I’d pick the Giants without the points, but as long as they are there, I’ll take ‘em.

3. Cincinnati (-3) @ Chicago.

Not many would have had the Bungles at 2-0 right now, but then not many would have predicted a complete collapse of the Queenies by week 2 either. But daBears defense has shown that they can be stingy when it comes to points, while the offense scored at will last weekend. I’m not ready to hop on the Carson Palmer bandwagon yet. Watch the Bears play with continued vigor as they continue to lead the NFC Norris division after this weekend games are complete. Take the points and Pick BEARS.

Foot's are here, and once again, we are on opposite ends, so I'll either makeup lost ground, or fall deeper in the hole. Let's hope for the former!


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