Monday, June 13, 2005


I quick rundown of my reality.

I had a fantastic Drum Corps weekend. The show is done and ready for season opener this weekend. The Govenaries will be one of two corps that will have the longest competitive season in North America. First show is this Friday in Mankato, and the final show will, God willing, be DCA World Championship Class A finals in Scranton Pennsylvania. We are poised to make history, and improve on the Govies 2nd place Class A finish last year. You know what that means, a World Title!!

Two days left in the school year, today being the last day of regular classes. Tomorrow is the 'Celebration' with various activities going on once the clean-up is done. It was an awkward year for me, following my displacement last Spring upon the closing of the Wilson Junior High program. I am hoping something else may open up, I would prefer not to return to my current assignment.

Carey over Eibensteiner. MNGOP Watch has the details. All I can say is this seems so out of character for a party that seems so scripted and in synch. The frustration of last year's losses in the legislature was certainly the catalyst, but you would think they would have regrouped with a strong front, and common vision, going into '06. But it has become a power struggle, and when the leading party office holders, (Kennedy, Coleman, Pawlenty) see their man go down in flames, they have to be concerned about their own status.

My lovely mother-in-law will be coming into town this week, so the Honey-do list has grown. I am fortunate to NOT have a stereotypical mother-in-law. I am actually looking forward to her visit.

Have a GREAT week.


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