Monday, June 27, 2005

Gray Speaks

My pick for 'Deep Throat', 88 year old former acting director of the FBI, L. Patrick Gray, has broke his silence:
Gray, 88, who had not spoken publicly about Watergate in more than 30 years, told ABC that he "could not have been more shocked and more disappointed in a man whom I had trusted." Felt, he said, "had told me time and again he was not Deep Throat."

"It was like I was hit with a tremendous sledgehammer," Gray said.
And as far as Felt's motivations:
He said he believed that Felt, a career agent who had risen through the ranks, decided to assist the Post after not being promoted to the top job after the death of longtime FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in May 1972.

Instead, a day after Hoover's death, Nixon chose Gray, a Connecticut lawyer who had served in several mid-level positions in his administration and was considered loyal to the White House.

"I think that there was a sense of revenge in his heart," said Gray,

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