Thursday, June 02, 2005

Kelley for Governor

Seventeen months before the citizens of Minnesota go to the ballot box, the waterfall of candidacy announcements have shifted from US Senate to the Governor's race. It is no secret Mike Hatch will throw his hat in the ring . . . again, but the first latest entry is Steve Kelley (D- Hopkins) who at one point was on the short list of US Senate candidates to replace Senator Dayton.
With a yellow school bus as a backdrop at the foot of the Capitol steps, Kelley left no doubt that his campaign will be based squarely on education issues, such as increased funding and raising performance standards for public schools and colleges. "We will begin by reinvesting in education," he said. "We must ensure that every Minnesota student graduates from high school ready for success in higher education, and we must be true to that goal by providing the resources necessary to achieve it."
As an educator, he is talking the right lingo for me. But at this point it is pure campaign rhetoric. I have no intention of lining up behind any candidates this early, in any of the heated races that are brewing. I will meticulously evaluate their respective stances, on both sides of the aisle, and make an honest and educated decision based on all available information. But the Summer is for fun and games, and I will not distract myself from that mission, by watching the gamers battle for supremacy.


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