Thursday, June 09, 2005


Was the St. Paul School district honcho looking for an out:
St. Paul schools Superintendent Pat Harvey interviewed for the top job in the Denver public school system but pulled her name from consideration Wednesday after learning her candidacy was likely to become public.

Harvey said she made up her mind Monday after interviewing with the Denver school board last weekend that she didn't want the job, but she didn't notify the board right away because she had not heard from them about whether she was a finalist.
Now, I understand how Head Hunters work, and the fact that Harvey is a very marketable candidate should not surprise anyone that she was recruited. However, if she wasn't interested, she could have said 'No'. The key here is, she didn't. I don't think it is compensation, as she has a nice deal going for her:
Her latest contract extension, approved at the end of last year, runs through 2007 and, with a 2.8 percent salary increase, brought her annual base pay to $169,638.

The contract includes deferred compensation as a longevity incentive in recognition of her lengthy tenure. The incentive was $10,000 this year and will total $15,000 next year. Harvey also continues to receive a $1,000 monthly car allowance in her new contract, as well as a monthly expense allowance of $600.
There is no way of knowing what is in store for Dr. Harvey, and the future Superintendency of St. Paul schools, but we do have a clue:
Harvey's six-year tenure in St. Paul is double the expected term of urban superintendents.
Borrowed time, perhaps?!?


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