Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Touring the Country

Well, not really the whole country. Thursday PM I will be heading out to central New York with my oldest. Some quality bonding time with my 14 year old stepson, while taking care of some Drum Corps business.

We'll be driving straight through to Endicott (about 17 hours) and spend the weekend there. We['ll pitstop in Flint, MI, where my in-laws live for a short visit, and then complete the journey home.

There is no better way to get a feel for the country's pulse then to hop on the Interstate and drive. Gas prices, bumper stickers, regional talk radio, and other nuances that are unique to each area.

New York City, a major democratic base, is what swings the state blue. Central New York, I suspect, is much more conservative. So for the most part, I will be spending my time in battleground areas. Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, PA (briefly) and through to NY.

I'll be touring in a Pontiac Transport van, comfortable and practical. It will not be a billboard, so no bumper stickers or other political paraphernalia. I'll be stealth, in my travels, and will see if I can get a feel for how other parts of the country are gauging this election season.

Being in Minnesota, where any credible poll shows Kerry in a walk, I need to get to where the true battles will take place.


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