Monday, July 12, 2004

The Bouncing Ball

Several polls have come out over the last week, showing various degrees of improvement now that Edwards is on the Ticket. The RNC high-balled their bump prediction, claiming up to a 15% up-tick by the end of the DNC convention. Those of us that actually pay attention know that the bases were shored up long ago, and a few point movement of undecideds might creep into the results based on current events, with the possibility of them becoming unsure again. There is so much that can happen between now and November, but the trends are clearly moving into a 'vote the bum out' direction!

My greatest fear, however, is that Bush will actually make a leadership decision and can the dead weight on his own ticket, Dick Chenney.

Hypotheticals were thrown out in the Newsweek Poll (7/8-9/04), with these results:
 Bush/Cheney Kerry/Edwards Other/Undecided   

45 51 4

Bush/Powell Kerry/Edwards Other/Undecided
53 44 3

Bush/McCain Kerry/Edwards Other/Undecided
49 47 4

Bush/Frist Kerry/Edwards Other/Undecided
43 53 4

Even I would consider voting for a Bush/Powell ticket. The best advice to the Kerry campaign I've seen lately, is Kerry should DEMAND for Cheney's resignation or replacement. That will back GW into a corner, and leave him stuck with Tricky Dicky on his ticket, virtually assuring Kerry victory. See, GW is to damn stubborn to admit mistakes, and he certainly would not even consider making a decision suggested by the evil Left.

Funny how easy it is to have BushCo play right into the game.


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