Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Swinging Lifestyle in our Political World

The Elder over at Fraters has a great screed today. He begins with a Tongue and Cheek review of Hugh Hewitt's latest book, (which I'll be glad to read if he wants to borrow it to me when he is done) being sure to mention the perpetual pissing contest that exists between these to 'boys' You'd think they were Frat Brothers or something.

But more interesting to me, was a conversation (more like debate it seems) with a 2000 Bush voter, who will be pulling the Libertarian lever. Elder goes on to mention:
For the most part he supports the actions taken in the war against Islamist militants and agrees that Bush's tax cuts have helped stimulate the economy out of recession. But he's not voting for Bush in November. He's pulling the libertarian lever instead.

We went round and round with him on this decision. How a vote for the libertarian candidate was a vote for Kerry, how you could never find a candidate with perfect views to fit yours, how this was the most important election in years (at least since 1980), how you needed to weigh the most important issues and vote on them, how Bush could actually win the state this year, etc. etc. All to no avail.

See, what the 'Right' continues to ignore, is that there is a growing dissatisfaction with the current administration, but the 'toe the line' mentality is blinding those from the dissent among their own ranks. The Elder recognizes this, but has no answer. Even an extended debate with 'one of them' was all for naught.

There is much talk of the ABB hatred. But never on the 'Right' do I hear any of them try to understand why that hatred exists. I have my guesses, and as the 'honey do' list becomes a little more manageable, I hope to tackle it. For now, as long as the Righty Tighties ignore the alienation this administration continues to project, Kerry moves closer and closer to victory, and THAT is fine with me!


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