Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Powerful Graphic

Today marks the anniversary of the Recovery act also known as Stimulus II. I was lukewarm on both the Bush Stimulus and then sequel of Stimulus II passed under Obama's watch, but the results can't be ignored:

If the Democratic Party, and their candidates, want to hold off the continued surge of Republican support, they need to recapture the new cycle from the Tea Partyiers, full out challenge and combat the misinformation for the Right Wing Smear machine, and get the truth out to the American People.

Lets look at some of those indicators:

Unemployment, the lagging indicators, is dropping

Manufacturing is in its 6 straight month of expansion

Quarterly GDP shows 5.7% growth

Home prices experienced 7 straight months of increases, before breaking that streak with a small decline.

Retail sales UP .5% in January

Consumer Confidence at a two year high.

And just announced today, this bit of news:
Housing construction posted a better-than-expected increase in January which pushed activity to the highest level in six months. The solid gain raised hopes that the construction industry is beginning to mount a sustained rebound from its worst slump in decades.
Its over 8 months till the midterms, and that is an eternity in political time. If we continue to see improvements in the economy, the people will start feeling it first, seeing it second, and begin to understand that it will take more than two years to correct 8 years of mismanagement.


UPDATE: File this in the Obstructionist Party Portfolio, In Washington they said it wouldn't work, back home they admit how well it is working.

Stimulating Hypocrisy: 111 Lawmakers Block Recovery While Taking Credit For Its Success

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