Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Caucusing; W4 P14

The boys and I ventured to Como Senior High last night for the beginning of the DFL selection process known as the precinct caucuses. The youngest was still too young to participate, the Airman to be opted to observe rather then participate fully. That's fine with me, as we teach our children to think for themselves. They seemed to appreciate the idea of having candidates and elected officials pass through the room giving us their spiel. IT was a good first experience for both of them, and now they no the answer to the ever popular questions 'So what really DOES happen at a Precinct Caucus?"

Biggest disappointment was when the spokesman for Ramsey Country Attorney Candidate, David Schultz, came in and 90% of his statement was negatively attacking his opponents. Seriously, this is the Precinct Caucus and you have 1 minute. Seems that time should be spent on building up your own resumé, not attacking your peers. He is off my list of support for that office.

Our straw poll results for W4 P14 was:

St. Paul-W4 P14
7 Sen John Marty,
5 Matt Entenza
4 Rep. Thomas Rukavina,
2 Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher
1 Rep. Paul Thissen,

3 Uncommitted (I was in here)

Surprises include, Mayor Rybak holding his own outstate, Ruckvina's strong showing on a shoestring budget. Now we wait and watch to see if the field will thin a bit now that the first round of preference voting has taken place. With Senate District Caucuses in just a few weeks, I suspect we'll not so a lot of movement as the results of the next round of delegate selection will be much more definitive in what the makeup of the state convention will be.

On the Right, the Rep. Tom Emmer juggernaut continues. It was an amazingly strong showing for someone competing against Rep. Marty Seifert, and candidate who has been running for governor for what seems like forever. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Emmer for the GOP endorsement as his momentum continues, and the establishment Republicans committed to their ideology goes with the "further to the Right" Emmer.

So the DFL is still herding cats, while the MNGOP begins the beating till morale improves philosophy. There is a reason the MNGOP has done so well in the Governor's race over the years, they coalesce around a candidate much sooner, and have a much easier time plugging their nose for the sake of party Unity. The folks that make up the DFL simply have stronger principles, and find it much harder to do that.

Complete results here.

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