Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blue Dog Approach to Fiscal Reform

With all the sniping and posturing going on, the members of the sensible middle, mostly Blue Dog Democrats, continue to promote sound fiscal polciy while working towards common sense solutions. Here is their 15 point 'Blueprint' (PDF) for reeling in government spending. How could anyone on either side of the aisle have an issue with this.
1. Restore Pay-As-You-Go budget rules.
2. Put the lid on federal spending.
3. Cut programs that don’t work.
4. Reduce the deficit.
5. Balance the budget.
6. Be honest about our long term fiscal obligations.
7. Establish a bipartisan fiscal commission.
8. Improve transparency and accountability.
9. Establish performance-based budgeting.
10. Eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.
11. Account for every dollar.
12. Close tax loopholes.
13. Take the politics out of the equation.
14. Eliminate duplication and inefficiency.
15. Review and terminate unnecessary federal programs.
I would certainly think there was 60+ votes in the senate, and a majority of legislators in the House that could use this as a starting point.

If the Right wants to show they are the 'alternative' not the Obstructionists they have displayed, then start working with like minded Democrats who share the same sound fiscal concerns that the GOP party platform promotes. For if they can;t even get on board with the root of their own ideals, the electorate wills tart to get it, and the gains the GOP have made politically will start to fade. Do ya think they are even aware of that?


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