Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TV Tantrum

Seriously, is this all he's got:
Officials at the Moose Lake Sex Offenders Program began unbolting the two dozen 50-inch plasma television sets at the center on Tuesday, just hours after Gov. Tim Pawlenty called the purchase "boneheaded" and ordered a search to find out who made the decision.
Why the Governor would micromanage such a monumental cost savings to the state I have no clue, other then pandering for publicity after running around the country for several weeks. Savings you say, of course:
State officials said the televisions, which were mounted in common areas, made it easier to supervise patients at the 400-bed facility.
These TVs allow for easier supervision, fewer employees, less cost to the facility, and savings to the tax payers. But, in order for the Governor to understand that, he would have to be forward thinking and understand the process of incarcerating large numbers of individuals and keeping them content to avoid disruptions and disturbances. Apparently he could care less about that.

Isn't ANYONE going to call him on this. The only bonehead in this fiasco is the Governor himself.


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