Friday, October 02, 2009

The Final Series

Although the Queenies (read Packer Lite) get the dome to themselves for the next couple years, the Twinkies get one final regular season run this weekend.

In the Winter of 81/82, The Doctor and I visited the under construction venue (yes, we have known each other that long). In suits and tie, looking like a couple of wannabees we walked the halls, traversed the stands and ventured onto the concrete field. Rolls of turf scatter the infield as the awaited to be installed. Soon security saw us an wondered down to the field. We exchanged pleasantries, admitted we really didn't belong, and followed the security guard down the 3rd baseline where he took us out through he Twins clubhouse and back into the winter afternoon.

I have pictures and will be scanning them later today and posting them here over the weekend.

I like the dome, and building anything in Minnesota without a roof option is a huge mistake. That is the main frustration I have with another budget stadium being built downtown.

Stop back over the course of the weekend, maybe even as early as this afternoon, for the photos of a stadium in transition.

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