Thursday, October 29, 2009


It wasn't that long ago I was all for Instant Run Off Voting (IRV). The concept of pluralities electing candidates concerned me. When a clear majority of those with similar ideology were splitting their votes, minority candidates were being elected, and a majority of our citizens were going unrepresented.

I think Jesse Ventura would still have been elected, but the Pawlenty regime, most likely, would have never occurred. On a national level, Bill Clinton may have never seen the oval office (Perot effect), and if so, Al Gore most certainly would have made it in (see Nader, Ralph).

However, watching the squirming going on in Minneapolis has made me re-visit my views. The uncertainty of counting, the concerns of a drawn out process due to the complexities of the ballot, and the reality of this confusion disenfranchising those most vulnerable leads me to the conclusion that we simply aren't ready, yet.

Until technology can catch up and we have confidence in the machines and their ability to walk voters through the process, I am reluctant, at this time, to support the change.

The debate has been rolling in both local forums, and I have followed the arguments, pro and con, on both sides of this issue. At this point, I am not ready to roll the dice. I am willing to watch Minneapolis before I turn the reigns of our voting process, here in St. Paul, over.

I am not saying never, I am just saying, not now.

I ask you to vote NO on the St. Paul Instant Runoff Charter Amendment. The time will come, now just isn't it.


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