Friday, April 10, 2009

Shake Down Cruise

Took the new ride on a shake down cruise:

Saint Paul Midway to Downtown Minneapolis, and back home via Dinkytown

Minnehaha West bound from Hamilne U
Aldine South
Marshall West to Marshall/Lake Street Bridge
West River Road
Midtown Greenway
Cedar Lake Trail
Came out behind New Twins Stadium (what a beaut)
11th Ave to Hennepin
RockBottom 9th Hennepin

Lunch and a trip to Macy's for the Flower Show in the 8th floor Auditorium

Hennepin Ave to River Road Trail
Stone Arch Bridge and up the hill to 5th Avenue
Through Dinkytown and pass the new Gopher stadium (another work of art)
UM transit way to Energy Park
Tuck in at Hamline to Pedestrian Bridge.
Left on Minnehaha to home

23 Miles

I am now in the garage . . . rehydrating *grin*


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