Monday, April 20, 2009

Change at the Good Neighbor?!?

Mitch hints at some adjustments on 'CCO radio (via dbrauer):
Time has been standing still as the world wonders - will Michele Tafoya take the noon-3PM slot at WCCO-AM? Or will she not?

David Brauer captures the breathless anticipation:
Thursday, I wrote that Michele Tafoya was “likely” to be named WCCO-AM’s noon-3 p.m. host next week. Today, C.J. casts some doubt on the hiring, noting the Good Neighbor’s announcement had been delayed amid “insider” speculation that money and Tafoya’s Monday Night Football committment are the snags.
On the 'CCO morning TV show, the anchors were pumping every 10 minutes or so the 'BIG NEWS' Don Shelby will be announcing on his afternoon drive time show on 'The Neighbor'. That would led me to believe that the Tafoya announcement is imminent, or that maybe there will be even a big shakeup, like Don moving to Noon to 3:00 and Tafoya getting the drive time slot. Pure speculation on my part, but it would save Don the dash to the TV anchor chair from his Radio seat every afternoon *grin*

Mitch might be captain of the Fibber McGee and Molly set when it comes to politics, but he knows his radio!

I'll update this evening when the 'big announcement' is made.


UPDATE: Tafoya taking the Shelby 3:00 - 6:00 slot. Shelby Taking the earlier shift. Hmmmm, where did we hear that before!!

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