Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sen, Coleman Votes to Strip Disabled of Insurance

See how stupid that sounds. The Senator kept his promise and voted against the budget bill today. An honorable choice considering his pledge, but a safe bet knowing the bill was going to pass anyway. But now the Left can turn the tables if they choose. They can take a page from the Rovian/Smear Boater handbook and start picking nits.

What else did Coleman vote against?:
--Doctors would get an $11 billion reprieve next year from a scheduled 4.3 percent cut in their Medicare payments.

--Dairy farmers won a $1 billion extension of milk income payments.

--College students would get more than $8 billion in new grants.

--More disabled children would retain Medicaid health coverage.
Will the Dems get the courage to run an add saying "Norm Coleman denies $8 billion to college students!" Unreasonable, obtuse, and ridiculous, but still fair game under the precedent set in the past.


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