Thursday, November 03, 2005

Deja Vu and ANWR, too

As Smilin' Norm tries to wiggle his way out of his self induced pickle, I had to dig out this old post of mine from last March:
Remember all those slimy Kerry ads attacking him for being against the troops, and flip flopping. Most of them came from budget bills. Can Norm risk sticking to principle and vote against drilling, before voting for it. Or will he vote against the budget bill if it includes the ANWR leasing revenues, and face the same furor others do when they vote against the troops, and other budgetary provisions which will be gladly cherry picked by the Left for future campaign ads.
I have no sympathy for the Senator. In fact, I find it kind of amusing that the lead Senator of the Flip Flop brigade during last years' presidential race is backed into a corner like this!


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