Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kid Vote

I've been swamped today, preparing for conferences tomorrow, but I wanted to share the Kid Vote results from my Middle School.

The Right loves to lambast their perception of a 'Left of Wellstone' curriculum and staff in the St. Paul Schools. Even I can't do anything to set these Righties straight in this regard. But maybe the Kid Vote results will help them think past their prejudices.

During the course of the mayoral election, classes throughout the building would come down and review both candidates websites, looking for policy and issue statements to determine whom they would 'vote' for on election day. Most of the students took this seriously, and made well educated decisions.

What were the results? Well, not surprisingly, Chris Coleman won the Kid Vote. But what was surprising was the margin. Keeping in mind the actual vote was 69% to 31% in Coleman's favor, the Kid Vote margin was very slim. Only 21 votes. Now wouldn't you think if the SPPS staff was pushing some sort of 'Bright Green' / 'Left of Wellstone' agenda that these students would have been brainwashed to the point where Kelly would have only gotten 21 votes total, rather then darn near winning the thing!

I'm just saying!


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