Wednesday, February 09, 2005

School choice, yes; vouchers, no

The above is the headline of an editorial in Tuesday's PiPress. The guts of which states this:
This newspaper, a strong supporter of public school choice, has opposed previous voucher proposals in Minnesota. The burden for advocates is unchanged in our mind. Neither they nor the record on results from other states demonstrates a positive, provable correlation in the lives of children. The data depend on interpretation and are, at best, mixed. It is more than curious, too, that the push for vouchers comes from suburban conservatives rather than lawmakers from the cities whose kids are supposed to be the beneficiaries of such fund transfers.
If you have been following the exchange at Craig Westover's online home (he also writes for the PiPress) you would think the print screed was drawn from some of the dissenting commentary in the thread.

Regardless, the point made in the editorial is important, and you all should take note.


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