Thursday, February 03, 2005

Four Beers

Yeap, a four beer speech. I listened to the whole thing. I thought the ink on the finger was pretty tacky. That was a badge of honor for the Iraqi citizens and it seemed insensitive and degrading to have a bunch of GOP members of congress waving their painted fingers. I had heard about the plan earlier, and thought it was a joke. Sorry, classless move.

Social security reform was front and center. The Presidents fear factor tour continuing to frighten us into thinking Social Security will be bankrupt in 13 years. That is even the word McCain used after the speech. I can respect their desire and determination to reform Social Security, but when they resort to bold faced lies and misleading statistics to state their point that makes one skeptical. ALL respected data shows that Social Security is FULLY SOLVENT through 2042 if NOTHING is done at all.

I never heard the President say anywhere how he was going to fund his privatization scheme. He started by complaining about how the current influx of funds would not be sufficient to support the program, and then proposed a way to further restrict that flow of funds. Talk about devil in the details, even some GOP members are leary.

This is huge, folks. Don't let the Rovian machine redefine that which does not exist. They manipulate the English language like it is their own toy. First it was private accounts now it is personal accounts. Study the facts, look at the reality, and make your own decisions.

I have to go to work . . . More later . . . maybe!


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