Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Bench - Updated

No big changes on the 'Bench' this week. The Bench is my grocery list of DFL Senate hopefuls and where they are at with respect to their candidacy.

I added outgoing DFL Chairman Mike Erlandson only because he has been showing up on several other lists. I honestly don't think he will make a run.

The other adjustment is that Buck Humphrey has said 'No' again. He initially said no, then hedged himself in a TV interview, but now has said definitely 'no'.

In other news, the 6th District GOP race is heating up with the predictable entries of State Sen. Michele Bachmann, of Stillwater, and state Rep. Jim Knoblach, of St. Cloud into the race. Both have said they will defer to Kennedy should he not obtain the endorsement.


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