Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Washington Ballot Battle

There is still a bit of excitement left this elections season. No, it isn't the faux recount attempt in Ohio, but the hand recount in Washington State.

Reports have leaked that the Democratic Candidate now has an 8 vote lead, before the ruling on some 700 ballots that are in question. Most are in agreement that those 700 ballots will break for the democrat, so if the 8 vote lead is valid, the recount will reverse the original outcome of the election.

Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate, won the first count by 261 votes and won a machine recount by 42 votes. Now Christine Gregoire the Democrat may have the last word.

The final recount will be announced this afternoon. Arguments on the status of the 700 ballots from King Counts is also on the docket.


UPDATE: Gregoire by 10

The Court also ruled in favor of counting the found 700+ King County ballots.
Results do not include 700-plus recently discovered ballots from King County, home of Seattle and a Democratic stronghold. The state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that those ballots should be counted. They will be added to the total on Thursday, and are expected to favor Gregoire.

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