Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Know Who It Wasn't

An E-Mail from my Mom
I signed mine John F. Kerry . . . We signed at least 10 different things so I'm sure that the Secretary of State has matched handwriting by now!
At least I know who it wasn't!


MORE: From the PiPress:
In response to public information requests, Kiffmeyer's office released copies of the ballots along with other documents bearing signatures of the electors. Some electors had distinguishable handwriting, but comparisons involving the Edwards ballot were inconclusive.


"All I can say is, I know it wasn't me, because I signed it 'John F. Kerry,' " said Jean Schiebel of Brooklyn Center, a DFL volunteer and elector. She added that she believes the errant elector made a mistake, and added, "I think the person that did it is embarrassed.

"Everybody's going to be wondering now," Schiebel added. "We may well never know."

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