Monday, December 13, 2004

9 - 1

In a surprise turn, the Minnesota slate of Electors voted 9 Kerry, 1 Edwards. All 10 Vice Presidential ballots carried John Edwards' name.

The news hounds on site immediately went to the Elector table and polled the votees to interview the hold out, but no one came forward. As discussion continued, it appeared that there was one person who may have thought at the time that they were casting the Vice Presidential ballot first. Either way, the vote count was certified, and the 9 - 1 count will be forwarded to Washington, DC.

The ceremony was very dignified and honorable. I was proud to be there to witness my mother be a part of history, and to have her name and signature stored in the National Archives. I will post a couple photos when I get home later

I am sure the news will do further snooping to see if they can identify who cast the Edwards ballot.


UPDATE:From the Secretary of States' Website

Minnesota Electoral College Assembly; Matthew Little,Lil Ortendahl, Sonja Berg, Tim O’Brien, Frank Simon, Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, Everett Pettiford, Chandler Harrison Stevens, Jean Schiebel, Michael Meuers, Vi Grooms-Alban

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