Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Quadrennial Event

The Doctor and I will be venturing out to the Victory Celebrations this evening. Our revelry may be more biannual, then quad, but two years ago was more of an exception, and not the rule.

The best time, was when both the Dems and Reps were in St. Paul, just a few blocks from each other. Made it easy to bop back and forth throughout the evening.

This year will be different. We will be starting our evening at our favorite watering hole, Rock Bottom and fueling up on some good eats and freshly brewed beverages. We have to make sure we are properly tuned for the night.

Sometime before 9:00 we'll venture a few blocks to the Minneapolis Downtown Hilton, where the DFL is gathering this year. Generally they have been in St. Paul, so I am wondering if the defection of GOP DFL Mayor Randy Kelly may have played a role in them switching to Rybak land.

We'll watch the early calls on the East coast states, including key battlegrounds of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Several of the early closings will favor GW, so I am prepared for a little early ribbing, knowing that when the big boys come in, things will tilt back in the correct direction.

While the Doctor still has hope, we'll take a drive over to Cake Eater land where the GOP is having their regalia at the Marriott Southwest in Minnetonka. It will probably be all over by then, but we try to make it to both gatherings when logistically possible.

We have agreed to end our evening at the Party of the Victor. This works out well, as even if your side loses, you would rather be amongst positive energy then the angst of negativity. I have no doubt I will be back in Minneapolis by Midnight, to revel with my peers and enjoy the sweet nectar of victory.

No matter what, it will be a good time, and I hope to be home by 1:00, as I have a 7:00 conference and it will be hard enough getting up as it is!


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