Wednesday, November 03, 2004

President George W. Bush, Two Termer

With blogger locking me out all day, most of what I have scribbled in comment files either here or there are mute.

I did not expect Sen. Kerry to concede today, although I did expect him to acknowledge certain realities the electoral trends were showing. I did expect him to make some sort of unity speech, so I was at least half right, after being wrong on just about every other prognostication.

I'm certainly confused with the results, but have excepted them and will give the President an opportunity to finish what he started. In fact, I am still waiting on him to start working on his very first campaign promise from 2000, to unite and not divide. I hope he get's it, the country has been splintered long enough!

Congratulations to my collegues on the Right, although things didn't go well for you in Minnesota, you have plenty to gloat about!

For me, I plan on blogging still, and as often as practicle. But the next few days I will be getting back to those HoneyDo items I have neglected over the last week or so during the final flurry. Sometimes changing a radiator hose or cleaning the garage puts life into an appropriate perspective.


PS: The Doctor and I had made a bet long ago on the election. If the President one re-election, I would have to include Two Termer after his name, if he lost, he would have had to call him One Termer. Thus, the title of the post!

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