Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'm a Pilgrim

This is my descendancy from the Mayflower.

Francis Eaton Born 1596 Bristol,Gloucester,England , Died 1633 Plymouth MA

Benjamin Eaton B 1627 Plymouth, MA; D 1711/12, Plymouth MA

Benjamin Eaton B 1664 Plymouth, MA; D 1745 Kingston, MA

Francis Eaton B 1700 Plymouth, MA; D 1748 Middleboro, MA
Married Lydia Fuller, descended from Samuel Fuller also a Mayflower Passenger

Benjamin Eaton B 1742 D 1820
In Oct 1781, Benjamin EATON was included in Capt Eli NOBLE's company of militia in Pownal in Col Ebenezer WALBRIDGE's Regiment

Fuller Eaton 1786 Vermont; 1862, Green Lake WI

Van Rensselaer Eaton B1812 Herkimer CTY, NY, D 1875 IA

Lyman Spencer Eaton B 1851 NY D 1913

John Freeman Eaton B 1877 Silver Lake MN D 1944 Spencer IA

Clinton Cleo Eaton B 1907 D 1962 St. Peter, MN

From a seat on the Mayflower, to a vote in the 2004 Electoral College, my family has much to be thankful for.

Enjoy the games tomorrow, and don't eat too much turkey.


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