Saturday, September 04, 2004

Debating Debates

BushCo has pulled out a play from their 2000 playbook. There is already chatter that the Bush campaign would prefer only two debates.

Let me make this clear, there will be NO change in the debate schedule, all four (3 Pres, one VP) of them will take place.

See, in 2000, the Bush campaign pushed the meme that GW was not a very good debater. By the time they rolled around, all George had to do was show up with a heart beat. In fact, some reports stated Vice President Gore came off as a bully.

Make no mistake, this ploy is about lowering expectation and has nothing to do with a sincere attempt to cut out one of the already schedule debates.

Kerry, of course, has already been on this. In his Daily Show appearance he specifically made a point to say what a 'Master Debater' GW is.

Sorry GOP, we're on to you, and it won't work this time. Should I be wrong, and one of the debates gets cut, Kerry has a perfect opportunity to show up anyway and take questions. Of course, they would make sure that there was an extra podium there, with an empty suit draped over the stool behind it, and GW name emblazoned across the front. Sorry, I don't think even the GOP is that stupid to let that happen.


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