Friday, September 03, 2004

Busy Week

Been a little hectic for me this week. As the school year approached, I received my new job placement. Following the closing of my school last Spring, it was a little touch and go to see if there would be a placement for me. I had enough seniority to end up somewhere, but the pickings where pretty slim. Over 20 staff members in my Job class, and several in my specific category were layed off indefinitely. But for me, they have found me a home at a new Middle school. I was welcomed warmly, as my reputation as a top notch Tech was well known. It should be a good year, one a make it through this awkward transition.

I have some comments about the RNC Fear Factor tour this week, and will hopefully post them later this afternoon. For now, Elder live blogged the speech while attending a Rightie gathering last night. There is actually a level of objectivity to his comments. Kind of refreshing coming from that side of the aisle.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend, and the official end of the Summer!


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