Tuesday, April 20, 2004

We're aren't as think as you dumb we are

My favorite local Righty blogman, ole "Shoot from the Hip" Berg, is on another rant. You can tell when the Right is down,. They totally ignore the latest facts in the current news cycle (I am still waiting for his screed on the stellar performance of GW in last week's press conference. One on the misappropriations of funds to Iraq from Afghanistan will be a reach) and pull some boilerplate write up out of their drafts folder.

His latest screed is trying to defend the level of intellect necessary to be a "conservative". Of course, those of us leaning Left realize that if there was any level of actual synapse firing going on, they would realize how hollow their arguments are as they attempt to defend their misguided ideology.

I question the intellect of the Right due to their BLIND following of a man who doesn't even represent the mainstream views of their own party. Can you say "Spend and borrow!", total lack of fiscal responsibility, total lack of personal responsibility, total lack of comprehension to the effects of his decisions on the country he is suppose to be representing!

He starts by saying:
With all due respect to my liberal friends and relatives, it takes more brain, not less, to be conservative.
I'll give you this. When one has to defend false philosophies, and failed policies, it takes a certain level of smarts to make the lies sound believable! An ability the Right seems to excel at.

He later mentions how children are taught to help people, but by second grade:
From earliest childhood, we are all taught that you should help other people. A second-grader can articulate the main tenets of liberalism; give people what they need. That same second-grader has the same grasp of the consequences that Ted Kennedy does - "Who'll pay for it? Who cares! Someone will!"
Of course, the GW43 answer is "We will just borrow the money, so YOU (the second grader) Has to pay for it"

A fine lesson to teach, Borrow and spend and leave it to someone else to pay for!! Noble!*rolling eyes*

Later on:
But when you're a parent, sometime between second grade and high school graduation you have to teach your kids about consequences.
On consequences, I refer people to a Santana High School parent, in their statement to the Judge during the sentencing hearing:
You see, my parents taught me that you have the freedom to choose to do anything you want in life. You just don't have the freedom to choose the consequences for your actions. So you had better choose wisely, knowing that was the deal.
That is what I teach my children. And when you get the adolescent comment from them that says 'This is a free country" I use the above quote to explain to them what 'Freedom of Choice' means.

Mitch finishes with:
No, not all conservatives are brilliant - in fact, lots of single-issue conservatives (whether the issue is jet skis or gun control or abortion, as worthy as the issues are) deal just as much in jerking knees as the most myopic Wellstonian.
Which is what is mostly left in the middle of the Right wing. One issue (defense) stragglers. Thanks for pointing out your own greatest defect, Mitch.

Read his whole post, and let him know how inaccurate he might be!


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