Monday, April 05, 2004

The Northern Axis Radio

I've spoken of The Northern Axis Alliance Radio Network before. It is actually a good idea. The premise is to take a group of bloggers with similar mindsets, in this case Righty Tighty, and place them in a Roundtable setting to hash through the latest political events in the news.

Now 'hacks' is probably too strong a word, but you can sure tell where some of them are getting their talking points. The first week or two had a level of novelty to it, and I was willing to give them a fair shake. Lately, however, their schtick has grown tiring.

The show runs three hours, and begins with a 'Week in Review". What it is in reality is a Kerry bashing session. In the first three weeks of the show, the first hour provided absolutely NOTHING in terms of true substance. It was simply a Kerry punching bag wrapped around the latest news, nestled in a bunch of lies that they know they don’t have to worry about defending.

The middle hour is generally the best hour of the show. They have had good guests set up and I have actually enjoyed this segment. The best guest to date was State Education Commissioner designee Yecke, whom was on the hot seat for a little bit, although most of the time, the Q's are pretty cream puffy. Anyone can sit on the phone and throw softballs. This certainly is one area which the 'boys' can improve on during their show.

Finally, we roll into the last hour, which again, is just more Kerry bashing. It amazes me that this groups of relatively intelligent adults can’t find anything good to say about GW other then 'Bush is better then Kerry'. To their credit, I guess in the third week, Mitch did claim to pump up Bush without being anti-Kerry, but I missed that segment. I had already grown tired.

Most recently, on this past Saturday’s show, they lit up their switchboard (for the first time I am sure) with callers furious of their damnation of the Lady Gopher's trip to the Final Four. This group of Baseball junkies, who talk all winter long about how they can’t wait for the Season opener, had the gall to say 'Women's Basketball is Boring". Well, so is watching grass grow, and at the Metrodome, you can't even do that. That tells you how exciting things can be in that sport.

So if you are a singer in the Republican Choir, tune in to hear more of the same you heard all week from the rest of the Right Wing spin machine, and if you are a lefty, tune in for the humor. Their farfetched, twisted, and mostly inaccurate take on reality is good for chuckles once in awhile.


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