Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Open Letter to the DFL Senate Caucus"

Certain issues that present themselves, especially in an election year, must be dealt with expeditiously. The appointment of Lt. Governor Carol Molnau for Transportation Commissioner is one of them. You choose to drag this confirmation process out into eternity. I think it is time to move on to other pressing issues in the state.

I, too, have concerns about this administration’s chosen path. This includes the borrow and spend right wing approach to governing and the leveraging of our state's future and placing that burden on the next generation. But love it or not, they are the elected body to carry out the will of the people. There are no legitimate reasons, or issues, that should cause the denial of Governor Pawlenty's appointment of Lt. Governor Molnau. Molnau will carry the bidding of Pawlenty to the Department. The Governor's softening on the Northstar rail, and other transportation issues, should ease the fears you may have. In fact, no matter who is running the department, the very issues that concern us, are those coming from the top, and denying Molnau will not prevent that.

Members, let them govern. Give them a chance to complete the task they were elected to do. Holding up Molnau will not change anything, and will cause animosity along the path.

There are legitimate appointments out there, that the Senate DFL should be concerned about, but this is not one of them.

Please approve Lt. Governor Carol Molnau for Transportation Commissioner.


This is also being sent to my local Senator and the entire Transportation committee.


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