Monday, March 22, 2004

Who's next

Mitch over at Shot in the Dark is once again joining forces with the RNC to discredit another one of Bush's trusted aides who is coming out against the administration. Clarke has been with multiple administrations, voted for Bush, and now is as fed up as many of us about the 'They just don't want to get it' White House.

I won't belabor the story itself. You can read the various links here as provided by Bush Watch:
Bush Pressed For Iraq-9/11 Link: Advisor
Bush Ex-couterterrorism adviser says Bush doing 'terrible job' on terror
Bush Adviser says Bush ignored terror threats before 9/11
"Former anti-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke exposes White House's criminal negligence"
Bush has made US less safe: ex-aide
'Bush ignored the al-Qa'ida threat before 11 September'
Bush ignored terror threat, claims ex-aide

At some point, the Right is going to have to recognize that this administration has made grave mistakes in protecting this country and forging ahead with the war on terror. They will have to admit their mistakes, attempt to restore credibility in the world community, and begin taking the steps necessary to protect the people.

Mr Clarke echoed the same things Paul O'Neil had expressed. This administration can not continue to bash every former administration official who wants to come clean on these vital issues. By doing so, the administration only puts into perspective their inability to choose quality people within their own administration

At some point, the judgment of GW will come into play, for at this point, it is a lose lose. Either he doesn't do a very good job of picking the people who surround him, or the people who surround him are doing a better job then he expected. He shouldn't just fire them when things don't go his way.

Oh . . . I'm sure there will be more on this.


UPDATE: Here is some biographical information.

Clarke had 30 years of public service, and did admit he "probably" shares some of the blame for 9/11.

This is from
Mr. Richard A. Clarke  was appointed by President Clinton as the first National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism in May 1998.  As National Coordinator, he reports to the President through the National Security Advisor, and, when the NSC Principles Committee meets on security issues, he serves as a full member of that Cabinet-level committee.  Richard Clarke is a career member of the Senior Executive Service, having begun his federal service in 1973 in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as an analyst on nuclear weapons and European security issues.  He joined the State Department in 1979 as the senior analyst for the NATO decision to engage in theater nuclear arms control and to deploy nuclear cruise missiles in Europe.  In the Reagan Administration, Mr. Clarke was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence.  In the Bush Administration, he as the Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs.   In 1992, Mr. Clarke joined the National Security Council staff. 

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