Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Credibility Gap

This is not a Left or Right post, it isn't even a slam on the administration or a pining for the presumptive nominee. It is an observation of concern that the Right should be evaluating, or this election will be a walk for Kerry/Clark. This administration can not continue to play smoke and mirrors with the War and with the Economy, if it expects to win in November.

Jeff Fecke steered me to one of the best graphics relating to job loss. Each time the Administration pushed through tax cuts, they touted the job dividend in their February Economic report, and each time it failed miserably short. The first time could be considered an anomaly, the second just a freak of numbers, but the latest, and now month to month under estimates. WHY, why, would they continue to destroy their own credibility by continuing to present numbers, which are baseless and unattainable? At this rate, even if their numbers do come through for a month, they won’t be given the respect they probably deserve.

As with WMD, or lack there of, GW43 and the rest of his administration are losing steam and Quality Cred by grasping onto a blinded view of mainstream America. Like I mentioned to 'The Doctor' yesterday, the Left is not the enemy in this election, it is the RNC for continuing to think this election can be run like in the past.

I believe this years' electorate will be the most informed group of voters in history, and they will be able to read through the slime, and the mud, brutal attacks that will come from both sides. They will base their decision on the facts, and as longs as GW continues to misrepresent them, the populace will grow weary, and legitimately question his sincerity. That, will be the wooden spike, the silver bullet, the end . . . of GW43.

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