Thursday, March 04, 2004

It's GW's to lose

I continue to grow weary of the arrogance and blatant ignorance of this present administration. Most recently, listening to Karen Hughes try to defend the Warm Fuzzy ads that GW has started running today. The furor they have already created for using dead victims of 9/11 for political gain. I wouldn't be surprised if that particular ad is pulled. At this point, it is a lose - lose since leaving it up will continue to show the heartless inconsideration of this current administration, and by pulling it, will admit the heartless inconsideration of this current administration.

Do I think that 9/11 is fair game for GW. You bet! I expected a tie in. He performed admirably, as any President would have, during this awkward and difficult time. He has every right to use that moment to his advantage to display his claim of Strength and Leadership, but to show bodies being pulled out of the rubble in his Political Ads crossed the line. All this has shown is how insensitive he is, and how out of touch with the mainstream he can be.

The RNC keeps complaining that all the Dems have done over the primary season is shown a relentless hatred and anger for this current administration. They grasp that as a way to claim a 'lack of leadership and vision' for this country. Rather then spin it like that, I would think they would try to decipher WHY there is so much hatred and anger towards GW. If they do not even attempt to address the ISSUES, this election will be a run away, a run away from GW.

The best strategy for the DNC right now is to simply keep their mouths shut, for every time the Right steps up to the plate lately, they strike out. All one needs to win a game like that, is to walk in a batter.

I am not as confident as some that Kerry/Clark will WIN the presidency, but I am becoming more convinced, that GW will lose, and lose badly.


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