Friday, December 10, 2010

Joel Juked

Joel Rosenberg, MOB Member, friend, carry advocate, renowned carry trainer, author, and MPD Gadfly, is in jail . . . STILL!
A Minneapolis man who claims to have a right to carry a gun in City Hall faces charges for bringing a loaded weapon into the police chief's office last month.
Now, we reap what we sow, and all that. But as you read the case you'll see that the Police officer A MONTH AGO, return the gun to Mr Rosenberg after disarming him and politely asked him to return the gun to his vehicle. Sure would imply to me that that would be that. Not in this case.

Remarkably, the court is holding Joel on $100,000 bail and continued his hearing till after the first of the year. Just plain senseless.

Other 2nd Amendment and MOB blogs are getting the story out. They have a much better handle on the details then I do, so give them a look:

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Latest news on civil rights activist Joel Rosenberg from

I'll be following this to see if/when the court comes to it's senses.


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