Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Congratulations, Governor-Elect Dayton

Dear Mark,

OK, it's finally over, and what we have known all along will become official within the next few hours.

Now, the political landscape isn't quite what you were hoping for, but that doesn't mean there isn't opportunities. The local Right Wing smear machine is taking a page out of the national playbook, already. They are planning, hoping, and praying for you to fail. The Legislature will do whatever they can to set bugs and booby traps in your way. Let them. The Minnesota electorate will see them for who they are.

The MN GOP has never been a forward thinking bunch, pacifying their base until the real people get hurt enough that they vote them out. It will happen again, in a couple years. For now take the high road. No need to roll over or capitulate. We learned from the outgoing Governor that there are a variety of options for you when working with an opposition legislature. Relax and be relieved. If their pattern holds true, they'll implode soon enough. And you'll be there to pick up the pieces, and show everyone the true leader you are.

Godspeed Governor Elect Dayton!

Kurt 'Flash' Schiebel

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