Monday, November 16, 2009

An Unlikely Pairing

OK, I saw Al Sharpten and Newt Gingrich sharing their bromance on 'Meet the Press', with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as the best man.
An unlikely trio: Education Secretary Arne Duncan, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and one-time Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton have been touring the nation's schools and join us here today to challenge conventional thinking and tell us what they have found.
I don't know what was more shocking, that those two could get along for more then 15 minutes, or all the wonderful things the Former Speaker Gingrich was saying about the President.
I agree with Al Sharpton, this is the number one civil right of the 21st century. So if you--if the president has shown real leadership--which he has.

. . .

But in a, in a time when we have liberal, Democratic president who has the courage to take on the establishment in education and who's prepared to say every state should adopt dramatic, bold reforms, I think as, as--if politics are the art of the possible, our children deserve a chance to see us come together, to put their future above partisanship and to find a way to take on the, the establishment in both parties and try to get this solved.

. . .
It was an engaging conversation, one that you should watch.


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