Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Been distracted this week with personal and political realities. I'll share once things fall into place, but karma has a way of getting the best of me so I have opted to remain hush hush. If all goes well, I'll tell you all about it, if not, I'll just mention in passing it didn't *grin*

Politically I am conflicted with the new Saint Paul Public School Superintendent decision. Oh, not with the pick itself, I think Ms Silva is a solid local home grown educator that this district has needed for quite sometime. I am just confused at another fiscal boondoggle, like the mandatory cultural proficiency training that the School Board seems to always find money for, while we are dealing with class sizes approaching 40.

Ms Silva's selection was a forgone conclusion the moment the prior Super even hinted at leaving. I struggle with the outside search firm, and some faux selection process when we pretty much knew all along who was going to get the nod.

I'll reserve comment on the 'cultural proficiency' mess. My attitude on that one could create more then just debate on this blog. I am hoping there will be a right time for that discussion, but now isn't it.

Now, back to being a concerned parent. Know that even worst case scenario isn't bad, but happy thoughts are appreciated.


UPDATE: Best case scenario panned out! I'll have a memorable Thanksgiving Day post tomorrow regarding the future of my Senior in High School! Details still trickling in.

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