Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Grand Rounds Ride

Meant to post my bike route from yesterday. Had the day off following camp. Swapped three days over Spring break for three Mondays in May. Turned out to be a great trade as it was cold and icky all during Spring break and all three of my Mondays have been spectacular.

OK, here it is, a modified Grand Rounds ride I guess:

35+ miles
Just over 3 hours on the bike. 30.4 top speed (Down Marshall hill) half hour break at Rock

Starting near Hamline U
Pascal to Marshall
Marshall down the hill over the Lake street bridge to West River Road
W River Road to MInnehaha Falls then 54th
54th to Lake Nokomis
Half Way around Nokomis to Minnehaha Parkway
Minnehaha Parkway to Lake Harriet
Half Way around Lake Hariet and connect to Lake Calhoun
Half way around Calhoun to Kenwood Parkway
Down to the Walker and then across the street to Loring Park,
Through Loring to LaSalle to 9th and then over to Hennepin.

Rest Stop at Rock after 27 miles (9th and Hennepin) *three waters, two Hefes*

Hennepin to 5th
5th through Dinkytown and by the New Gopher Stadium.
UM Transitway to Energy Park Drive.
Hook up with Hamline Pedestrian Bridge over train track


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