Friday, June 05, 2009

Elk River Plays for the Title!


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Below is a repost from Green Tea MN. To be fair, I wrote most of that post anyway. Regardless of what happens today, I can't wait to congratulate my niece tomorrow at her open house.

Proud Uncle Flash!

UPDATE: GiGi is in Mankato. The amazing Elk River Elks logged double upsets, yesterday. They first defeated a pesky Mankato West club 1 - 0 and then downed the ranked Hastings team, 2 - 1, behind a stellar outing by Grand Daughter Amy Schiebel. Her 5 hit complete game propelled the Elks to the state championship game this afternoon against a hungry North St. Paul team.

Tomorrow is Amy's Graduation celebration. Regardless of what happens today, it there will be much more to celebrate. But lets cross our fingers for just one more win.

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My youngest son's, youngest daughter Amy # 21, graduates this year and she has had an awesome year. She loves her fast pitch soft ball and is one of the 2 starters for her High School team. She is being scouted by some of the local colleges and last Thursday she pitched an awesome game helping to send her team to State Finals next week in Mankato Mn.

Can you spell P_R_O_U_D ?

The Elk River Elks won the Region 8AAA championship and are on to state. Pictured is Amy Schiebel.

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