Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stock Up Before SCHIP hits

On April 1st, tobacco taxes go through the roof to fund SCHIP. No big deal as I quit the nails and don't have to deal with the 60 cent increase. However, I do like to enjoy a quality cigar now and then, and those are also facing a 2.3 times increase in tax as well.

Good news, large cigars will not have a stock tax imposed, so anything in the warehouse on April 1st will be exempt from this tax. This is not the case with smaller cigars and cigarettes. So you will see an immediate increase in those items on April 1st.

I don;t have a problem with the tax itself, but that doesn't mean I am not going to be trolling the online cigar shops for some good deals on premium cigars. I mostly deal in the generic and store brand items as I am not much of a connoisseur, yet. But a box of Punches or some Romeo y Julietas may be out there with my name on it.

Again, as a "Commie homo-loving sons of guns", this little gift to help the children isn't a big deal to me . . . but Il Duce' must be livid *grin*


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