Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coleman Rests

So former Senator Coleman's case to over turn the certified election results is preliminarily over. All we have seen over the past several weeks is the desperation of a loosing campaign. In fact, I would argue that the Coleman Camp has actually done more to show how clear and pure our election rules are, how committed and dedicated are election officers were, and how accurate the recount was. Was there mistakes, oh sure, but those mistakes, if anything, were evenly distributed and there is simply not enough votes to overcome Senator Elect Al Franken's certified lead.

Now, an honorable man would acknowledge that, bow out, and move on with their life. They would attempt to preserve their character, and what little is left of their political aspirations. But then, we are talking about a Republican.


UPDATE: I sometimes wonder, in my egotistical way, if these major news outlets read Centrisity for fodder before publishing. Take this for example:
Norm Coleman Must Quit the Minnesota Senate Race—He, Republicans Look Whiny
By John Mashek
Posted March 3, 2009

After four months of nonstop wrangling, it is about time for Republican Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota to throw in the towel. He is depriving his home state of a second vote in the U.S. Senate, threatening to stretch the appeal process of his losing Senate race into April.

Before Republicans start to scream about prematurely handing the seat to Democrat Al Franken, they need to be reminded of the presidential-recount marathon in Florida in 2000. The stakes were much higher then, and Republicans attacked Al Gore and Joe Lieberman as whiny losers. The Democratic ticket was belittled for refusing to admit defeat.

The GOP even brought in out-of-staters to protest recounts in four Florida counties, some of them with signs reading "Sore Loserman." Republican bigwigs complained that Gore was refusing to face the truth about George W. Bush's win, an eventual victory in the U.S. Supreme Court by a 5-to-4 vote.

With Coleman trailing Franken by 225 votes in the final recount, he is determined with the help of party figures to continue this process.

Get over it, Norm.

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